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Getting ready to order reloading outfit, HELP!

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OK, I'm taking the plunge here. I'm getting ready to order a Lee Pro 1000 for .45ACP and 1000 bullets from Precision, since I like the idea of the moly coating for less $$$ than FMJ. What is the advantage of going with a 200RN grain over a 230RN grain bullet? Were talking about target practice/plinking here. No competetion, no defensive use. One of my .45's has the shorter barrel, so I was thinking about the 200 grain for less recoil. Your thoughts?? BTW, cannot afford to go with a Dillon 550, so it's going to be the Lee 1000.
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I live way out in the woods of N.C. and I can shoot my steel plate targets off my deck. I bought a Lee deluxe turret press and I am now reloading 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45's My favorite load for the .45 is 4.0 gr. of Bullseye and the 200 gr. SWC. I reload when I want to, shoot right off my deck, This works for me....Life is good!
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