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Getting ready to order reloading outfit, HELP!

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OK, I'm taking the plunge here. I'm getting ready to order a Lee Pro 1000 for .45ACP and 1000 bullets from Precision, since I like the idea of the moly coating for less $$$ than FMJ. What is the advantage of going with a 200RN grain over a 230RN grain bullet? Were talking about target practice/plinking here. No competetion, no defensive use. One of my .45's has the shorter barrel, so I was thinking about the 200 grain for less recoil. Your thoughts?? BTW, cannot afford to go with a Dillon 550, so it's going to be the Lee 1000.
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I've said it before and I'll say it again. Buy a Dillon. Wait if you have to, drink water and eat breadcrust if you have to, but get a Dillon. Personally, I would still recommend the 550B over the SDB, but if you shoot only moderately, and will only ever shoot that one caliber, then the SDB might be more economical.

I have NEVER had Dillon ask where I bought something from. You will have NO PROBLEMS getting warranty service from Dillon on their products no matter where you buy it.

I saw a thread in here just recently--someone selling a complete 550B setup for like $290 shipped! Do a search for the thread--that is a great deal. Maybe the For Sale forum?

Good Luck.
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