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Getting ready to order reloading outfit, HELP!

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OK, I'm taking the plunge here. I'm getting ready to order a Lee Pro 1000 for .45ACP and 1000 bullets from Precision, since I like the idea of the moly coating for less $$$ than FMJ. What is the advantage of going with a 200RN grain over a 230RN grain bullet? Were talking about target practice/plinking here. No competetion, no defensive use. One of my .45's has the shorter barrel, so I was thinking about the 200 grain for less recoil. Your thoughts?? BTW, cannot afford to go with a Dillon 550, so it's going to be the Lee 1000.
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As a new Dillon Square Deal owner I must highly recommend it over the Lee. I love Lee Dies for my single-stage outfit and use them exclusively, but I would stay far away from their progressive presses. The bad part of buying a SDB from Dillon is the extra fifty bucks for the Strong Mount. I don't know what it's like to mount the SDB without the Strong Mount, but would be inclined to say that the extra bucks are really worth it. There is NO movement. It really makes everything ROCK solid.

That said, you'll have just over three bills in a SDB w/strong mount. That's a lot of money. There are so many positives though. Mike will buy it back within 30 days if you're not happy, complete lifetime "no BS" warranty, comes with pre-adjusted dies, easy set-up, etc, etc....

The 550B would be great, but I elected to get the SDB for .45 ACP. I will probably buy the 550 at a later time if other calibers nessecitate progressive reloading, so far it hasn't. I simply cannot recommend anything but Dillon for progressive reloading. As far as I'm concerned, there IS no other.


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