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Getting rid of garbage guns.

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In a fit of insanity a few years agao I bought a Hi-Point carbine. Had nothing but trouble with it. It fit into the category of "Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy".

Also had an SKS that couldn't hit a paper plate qt 100 yards. Always thought I'd be scummy to pass this off on someone else.

Yesterday I found someone who was told all of the problems (went right over his head), yet insisted that I sell him these two guns. In one stroke I got rid of my last two "dogs".

Bought a NEF 45-70, all the supplies for loading a new caliber, factory ammo, and still have enough left over to pay for my anniversary dinner. I'm also at teh stage where I no longer have any guns that make me feel stupid (for buying them) when I look at them.
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What's wrong with the Kimbers?

"Double-action in an auto pistol seems to me an ingenious solution to a non-existent problem." -Jeff Cooper G&A mag Oct. 1973

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i looked at one of the hipoints back when they came out.first thing i noticed was the thin plastic mag well which flexed easily side to side when i picked it up.i passed but fell victim to a small .22 automatic.the dealer probably thought i was easy prey and had "sucker" written all over my face.was cheap and flashy,ended up in my burn barrel.i have a russian made sks that shoots very reliably and can hit clay pigeons regularly at 100 yds.i guess there are lemons in every make.
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