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Ted said:
In looking closely at my extractor, I am wondering if it is slightly too long. With the slide off the frame and placing various cases on the breechface and under the extractor lip, when the base of the case is flush against the breechface, the front of the extractor hits the bevel of the case to where it's actually pushing the extractor outwards, and there otherwise seems to be a lot of daylight between the case rim and the inside of the extractor claw.

Is this normal?

I believe my extractor may also be too tight, as there seems to be considerable tension just before the slide goes into battery on a live round, which I have determined to be the result of the extractor (there is no such tension with the extractor removed). I have had a couple of hangups where the slide did not go fully into battery in this same spot.

I tried to bend my extractor out slightly but MAN no matter how hard I seemed to torque it, it did not seem to want to take a set at all, and I was afraid to break it.

Any comments appreciated,



On allot of my 45's their's always space on that area you described. On this I usually don't worry about it. All the matters is that the extractor tension is enough to hold a cartridge against the breechface. With the slide off slip a round under the extractor and move the slide around in all directions. If it hold it should be enough with just a slight hair of the round wiggleing around.

Regarding the tension. How many pound recoil spring you have? If it's the standard weight spring then you can afford to replace it with a slightly heavier spring. Most people use an 18.5 LBS spring but I don't like to use these extreme heavy springs. I's get a Wilson brand as they have a version with only around 17.5 LBS. It just might be enough to handle ypur delima. In addition it's possible that it can be the extractor tension but it also might be the magazine lips. Check these out and see what happens.
Good luck.

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