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I first noticed that I had this same "problem" shortly after I acquired my S.A. G.I. I posted a question, and haven't received a response, that offers a solution .... as far as a "good" replacement extractor, that will correct this all-too-common problem. The extractors that I've seen, all have hooks that are too short to accept much 'stoning'. I purchased a Wilson extractor - needed the same treatment .... if you file and stone the hook enough even to "nearly" clear the case bevel, you'll end up with a hook that is shorter that the recommended min. depth .... which if I remember correctly; is in the .030 to .035 range. I took mine down to .028 deep .... still leaves the telltale "dent" in the case bevel. It's only been a couple hundred rds; works so far - time'll tell. The following is quoted from the thread link from the above post:

"Next, with the slide in hand, check the tension of the extractor by slipping a round up under the extractor claw against the breech face; the cartridge should be held in place by the claw."

The "claw" (hook) does not hold the cartridge in place, it only makes contact with the case (rim), as the empty is being ejected from the weapon. The portion of the extractor that "holds", or applies pressure to the case rim, is the 'belly', or notch area behind the hook.
I've also included a pic of my original SA extractor.



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