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GI Mags

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Just thought I'd pass along a quick range report. Went to the range to try some reloads a buddy had done up, he has a custome Caspian gun done very much like a TRP-PRO model, he just bought 20 Gi mags for $10.00 bucks Canadian each and I was skeptical, we loaded all the mags up and ran them 3 times each without a single failure, I'd never had a problem with Gi mags in a Gi gun but never saw them run that well in a custom, the mags were had from Marstar in Ontario for any Canucks who are interested.
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Do these mag's have a removable baseplate? Is there any way to disassemble them? I prefer mag's that I can disassemble for cleaning purposes.
Originally posted by Walking Point:

Years ago I saw a 2 part die that would put a perfect "step" on feed lips with one blow of a hammer. I regret not investigating that further.
Brownell's sells this item, I believe. It re-forms the lip to resemble the Wilson mags. It allows the cartridge to pop up into the chamber faster, by reconfiguring the lips to allow it to leave the mag. sooner (instead of being held in longer by the oversize lips).
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