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GI Mags

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Just thought I'd pass along a quick range report. Went to the range to try some reloads a buddy had done up, he has a custome Caspian gun done very much like a TRP-PRO model, he just bought 20 Gi mags for $10.00 bucks Canadian each and I was skeptical, we loaded all the mags up and ran them 3 times each without a single failure, I'd never had a problem with Gi mags in a Gi gun but never saw them run that well in a custom, the mags were had from Marstar in Ontario for any Canucks who are interested.
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Compare the feed lips of a USGI mag with the lips on a MecGar, METALFORM, McCormick or Wilson mag. The design of the fed lips determines when the case rim is allowed to slip up under the extractor. This is very important when using anything other than FMJ, or so I hear.....

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