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Gold Cup and Commander Questions

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Picked up a VERY nice 70 Series Gold Cup this weekend. Outwardly is stock except for the rear sight edges being rounded. Internally, the mainspring was shortened 4 coils. Not knowing the age or brand of it, I swapped it out with a new Colt MS and put in a new 20# Wolf recoil spring. My question is: The weapon is missing the sear depressor spring and plug. Any reason to reinstall them if it works OK? Ignorant on this issue.

Commander question: Is the feedramp the same on the 9mm/38Super frame as the .45?

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20# recoil spring.
Ok your going to shot hot stuff through it
front sigth will loosen pop out.
rear sight will fall apart. the clickers will loosen and the pin may shear off. Some had the lightning slots inside the slide to make it even lighter. May want to look inside?

on the Commander (or govt for that matter)
the 45 ramp is much deeper .420 ish on a ser 70, and the 40 / 10 /9mm /super ramp will be much smaller (shorter)

hope this helps
geo ><>

ps the gun will work fine without the plunger. all the other guns do not have it and work fine. The gold cup hammer is unique where the strut attatches is moved to make the pull lighter also.
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Thanks for the reply. I started with the 20# to see how it worked because I did not know what weight spring was in it. Start high and work your way down. Brass was landing a foot or so back and 4' away from weapon firing point with hardball and my reloads. I will probably down load to 4.1-4.4 grains of Bullseye and a 200gr LSWC for everday plinking and reserved my hotter ones for my CC and Combat Elite.

Barrel is going to need throated/polished as it did not care for my 200gr reloads which feed in my other weapons. Will give me something to do.

What is the purpose of the sear depressor spring, safety or easier trigger pull?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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