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Gold Cup Commander???

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Saw one of these for sale for $2k. I wasn't aware that Colt even made one of these...
Anyone know about these??? Can you give me more info???
Have picture, but how do I add???

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All I know is that I have heard of them, I have yet to see one in person. I am sure that there will be more info from others on here, seems a bit high tho.

Colt did make a Gold Cup Commander, but I never saw one for $2K. I think they were based on the XS series which are very good, the reports I have heard were very favorable, but still not worth $2K as far as I'm concerned.
The only difference in the picture from what I can tell is:
Front of grip frame has some striping
Target style hammer
Adjustable sights
Adjustable overtravel trigger
Says Gold Cup on the side of the slide
Slide serrations are slanted and only on the rear of the gun

No beaver tail, extended slide stop, or extended thumb safety. Don't know what other differences there are...
You will find one of these for $1125 unfired at gunsamerica.com, new today.
I have seen one in a local shop for $1200.
I have a friend who has 2 for sale. I believe one is blued and the other is stainless. I think he's asking around $1300 for each.

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I picked one up about 4 years ago. The dealer had just received a bunch of various Colts in that were supposedly a salesmans samples. I had stopped by the gun shop on a Friday evening after work (what else would a GunNut be doing on a Friday night after work) and they were just tagging the new inventory. I thought about the gun all night and drove back first thing Saturday morning and bought it just ahead of another guy who started looking at it. The one I have is all stainless and is as described above by Seppeku. It came in the original brown Colt cardboard box. I had many failures to feed when I first brought it to the range. I remember being so upset I wanted to return it. I then bought a new recoil spring from Brownells and it worked flawlessly. It ended up being one of my most accurate pistols I own. I think I paid 850 for it.
So, do you guys think this would be classified as a target/shooter or a carry gun??? and why???
Interesting that this model should come up. I traded one of these in stainless to my dealer probably 8-10 years ago, and he has had it at his home (and not shop) during that time. A guy asked him to bring it in this week and ended up buying it for $1400, which I thought was totally unbelievable. Basically a Gold Cup with a shortened slide and barrel and a different roll mark. Nice if you've got a truck full of Colt's and need the model, but I still prefer the full sized Gold Cup.

In re-reading the post I see that I may have made a mistake. The gun I'm referring to I suppose technically would have been called a Combat Commander Gold Cup as it had a steel frame, although the roll mark did read Commander Gold Cup. I don't think I ever have seen a lightweight version of this gun.
One I owned would have been a Series 80 with the spade type grip safety, GC frame and trigger, serrated front strap, GC Elliason sights, don't recall if it had the serrated rib or the solid one on top of the slide. I traded for it for around $650 and got about that out of it trading as I recall. These guns have been around for some time.

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seppeku......Like the Tactical Officers I also had a Commander Gold Cup in stainless. Crappy Colt adj. sight makes it a bummer for carry. Concidering Colt prices I'd like to have it back. But I've been tryin to sell a .38 super Colt Custom for 6mos. with no luck. I guess this ain't Colt country.
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