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Gold Cup Nat. Match MkIV Ser 80. Shall I?

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Found this...Excellent condition Stainless Colt Gold Cup Nat Match Mk IV Series 80. It seems to not have been fired much and comes with the correct box. It has the "usual" arcing scratch over the trigger (Why do people DO that?!) but I figure I can sand it out on the stainless finish. Otherwise I rate it at 96% or so. I have a Colt catalog from 93-94 and this one differs as it has the old GI style grip safety and hammer. Not the new sloted speed hammer and ducktail grip safety. So is figure this is an earlier gun. I wasn't really looking for one, but it sure is pretty! Everything seems correct, although the slide to frame fit is not super tight, and it does have a plastic MSH. Asking $795, can probably get it for $750. What do you guys think? I have it on hold til Monday.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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