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Redzone said:
Like I said in an earlier post. Why the heck carry a Gold Cup? Is'nt the intended purpose of the gun at all.
Redzone, please excuse this newbie question. Why isn't the Gold cup intended to be carried? Is it because of the adjustable sights (i.e. carry guns should not have adj sights)?

Here's my situation. First time 1911-buyer. I have been shooting a borrowed SA 1911 series-70 type. Like it. Fixed sights. Has a videcki trigger installed. I am not all that knowledgeable (yet) about tinkering around and replacing this and that to make the gun work right. So, I am considering something fairly basic to "grow up on." Currently, my searches have turned up two guns that I like. A local shop has a Gold Cup Trophy, blue, NIB for $800. Seems like a sweet deal. Also found a SS Kimber Classic, their basic model for $739. The Kimber has the cleanest, sweetest trigger I have ever pulled. Fixed sights and dehorned all around.

What do I want to do with the gun? To start off with, learn everything I can about being safe! Then, defensive pistol classes. Some day, maybe carry. Big decision that I have not yet made.

Your thoughts on these choices and on the Gold Cup as a versatile piece?

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