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Gold Cups

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OK, folks...

What's the different between Gold Cup, Gold Cup National Match, Gold Cup Trophy Match?

Also, what's considered to be good prices on these, including good prices on Delta Elite Gold Cups...


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Prices on Colts is one of varying degree constantly. A Delta Elite Gold Cup in the 2000 blue book is. Stainless nib $900, blue nib $775. Because Colts either get shot or put in a safe or handed down. The value on past generations goes up steady on most rare models. Which the Gold Cup is not. Yet the Delta Gold Cup is. The blue was made in 1991 only and the stainless in 95 and 96. So this rarity makes it a extreme collector to those interested. Yet there are so many flavors from this manufacturer that everyone has a favorite flavor.
And to your first question. A Gold Cup is a target intended 1911 made after 1957. The Gold Cup name began then. And they were only marked as National Match until the series 70. When they said Gold Cup National Match. The Trophy Match began in 1997 alongside the National Match. As much as I've searched and talked to collectors. The National Match, GC National Match, GC Trophy Match. Are the toughest guns to acquire history on.
I will tell you my 68 does'nt say Gold Cup on it anywhere. And the earliest ones 1933-1941. Are only marked with NM after the Commercial serial number.
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Hey all, I've just come accross a Colt Gold Cup Trophy, blue in 99.5% condition. Guys asking $695 I sent him an Email to see if it's still available, if it is, I will be getting rid of my Colt 1991A1 with the new blue slide with new roll marks. I've done away with the plastic trigger and replaced it with a shortened trigger and I've replaced the flat plastic MSH with an arched steel one.
I haven't decided on pricing yet, any idea's? Any possible takers if I do sell?


Well you realize you made it used by replacing the trigger! With that said I want the price you're asking and whats included(box, parts, etc?). I like long trigger flat MSH myself.
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