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Gold Dot vs. Golden Sabre

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I can get both in 185 or 230 gr. weights.
What kind of performance can I expect from these two. And which do you prefer and why..
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Both will work fine. Might want to check the feed reliability of the Gold Dots in your particular gun. They tend to catch on the feed ramps of some guns (most notably alloy).
I carry 200 gr. +P Gold Dot in my Kimber...
They have performed well though wet phone books, water-filled milk jugs, and even cinder-blocked walls(it came out the other side totally intact.) The Golden Sabre is also a very good round except they seperate on impact.
I like Golden sabers as they come 25 to a box (will load 3 8 rd. mags and one for the chamber
) and they seem to be more reliable for expansion, through heavy clothing, Golddots are also good, and I use them for loading 45 super, as the bonded core HP seems to hold up to the higher velocities better, the GS has a tendency to seperate at high velocity, but remington just released a bonded core GS for LE, hopefully they will sell the bonded core GS to us civvies soon.

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I have found that Golden Sabres expand more. They have both fed reliably through my SA Champion. I would go with Golden Sabres 230 grain
I fell in love with the GS's long ago.. and carry the 185's in my procarry... (4") and 230's in my 5" R-R 1911A1 on the rare occaisions that I carry it.. (Formal dress)..

I am with Kimbr45 on this one. I dont like the way GS seperate so easily I have found that the jacket while great if it stays intact tend to seperate from the rest of the round when hitting even light barriers.

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I like the Gold Dot loaded by Pro-Load. I wrote it up if you are interested...


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I carry the 185gr GS in my springfield. they have a profile that is extreemly close to a 230gr FMJ. I ran through about 15 rounds just to make shure they fed properly and had no problems.
From the professional, scientific ballistics tests that I've seen, I haven't seen any information about the Golden Saber fragmenting when shot into normal barriers. Cinder block and bowling pins are hardly good measures of ballistic performance, so what the bullets do when shot into these things shouldn't shape your opinion. In all of the FBI's practical ballistics tests (including penetration of building materials and automotive glass) the Golden Saber performed quite well, showing more expansion than the Gold Dot while maintaing adequate penetration. I know it's fun to go shoot up bowling pins, milk cartons, etc., but that's not a scientific ballistics study and that really shouldn't shape your opinion on bullet selection.
I hate to say this, but I know it would have to hurt REAL bad if you got shot with either of them!!! That is the point right? Bullets are going to hurt in either case (round or hollow-Golden Sabre or Gold Dot)
Originally posted by kimbr45:
I hate to say this, but I know it would have to hurt REAL bad if you got shot with either of them!!! That is the point right? Bullets are going to hurt in either case (round or hollow-Golden Sabre or Gold Dot)
can I get an AMEN!
Originally posted by goldmatch4me:
can I get an AMEN!
AMEN! But I like the GS 185 in my SA Ultra Compact. Feed just as slick as a whistle.

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For a 1911, they both are good performers from everything I've seen. The only time I'd sweat the G.S. not being bonded like the G.D. would be in a high velocity cartridge like full-power 10mm.

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I'm shooting the Golden Sabre's at 1000 fps (sort of tamed down 45 Super loads) using 45 Super brass, extra power recoil springs, firing springs and magazine springs. I'm real interested in the LEO bonded version due to the velocity I'm shooting...
Golden Sabres feed in any gun I own.Gold Dots don't.I like feeding without problems.If it weren't for Golden Sabre I'd use Match Hardball.tom.

for me, I gotta stick to goldots

I like the 200gr. and the 200gr.+P gold dots. However the gold dots will not feed in my colts, so I use the LEO marketed 185gr.+P Hydra Shok in those. But my Paras eat gold dots all day and ask for more. Ditto for my Sig-220ST
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