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I have it (in SS) and it is my 1st 1911. I LOVE IT!

3000+ rounds through it in USPSA matches and hundreds of draw and re-holster through a Kaydex holster, it still looks brand new. I have to admit that I had had an extraction problem with the factory extractor in the beginning, which costed me a few matches. I changed the factory extractor to the pro series from Brazos but still had some inconsistency. Per advice from my fellow shooter, I installed an aftec and since then I have had no issue at all. I know some Kimber experts say that the factory extractor is just fine wit a right adjustment but I just did not want to deal with the adjustment or loss any more stages due to the malfunction. The malfunction is the matches is not fun at all...

The extractor in the 9mm models appears to be the weakest link (search) but I believe as long as you take care of the extractor (tension and cleanliness), it should shoot with any decent ammo.

For the break-in, I used the 115gr Magtech, which is, imho, a great ammo. Pretty clean and reliable. I use the 147gr ammo from Atlanta Arms and Ammo in the matches and it has been super reliable.

Other changes that I have done to my GM2 internally are a sear and sear spring (lighter) from C&S. My trigger pull is approx 3.2lbs. The factory trigger pull was approx 4.1lbs

There was a wee creep right outta box. I polished the trigger bow and the creep disappeared.

The sights were a bit off outta box but after several clicks on the rear sight, it was spot on.

The factory mag could be "hit or miss" (search). I use TrippCobra 10rnders.

It is a sweet gun. I know you will enjoy it along with your 45acp!!

Here is what it looked like when it was pretty much brand new and it still looks the same.

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