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I've been fighting these pathetic "dying Colt" stories for months, but Double Naught Spy raises perhaps the best point of all: why has Colt refused to do anything substantive to address their marketing problem?!

Consider it: No print ads. No regular, reliable dealer updates. No attention to their corporate web site (which is lackluster at best where product presentation is concerned). No clear definition of what is/is not available from day to day. No relevant press releases. No promotional materials. They don't even have a printed catalog available for crying out loud!! Who can really blame the naysayers for their pessimism?

Colt is producing some of the best 1911s they have ever made, but these are hardly the hallmarks of an industry leader, nor do they inspire consumer confidence. What are we to make of all of this?

Where production 1911s are concerned, I am among Colt's biggest and most loyal fans, but these are inexcusable -- and very frustrating -- oversights. NOW is the time for Hartford to reclaim the lost ground and launch an aggressive, focused campaign to recapture their civilian market.

General Keys ... are you listening, Sir?

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