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Good place to get upgrade parts ??

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Looking for a good place to get a new trigger, hammer, grips. Want a lighter pull and the newer looking parts for an SA I just got. Any places on the web have good deals and fast service ?

Dr. Bill
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Your post mentions hammer and trigger and lighter pull, which leads me to believe you really want a hammer & sear kit to produce a lighter pull.

Best research tool is the Brownells Catalog, which can be ordered at www.brownells.com

They list a number of 'drop in' kits.

I would suggest that taking your SA to a reputable local gunsmith for a 4# trigger job is no more expensive and perhaps a better solution.

If you can't find a local pistolsmith you trust for that job, consider sending your SA to a reputable pistolsmith such Evolution Gun works www.egw-guns.com

The Brownells Catalog is pretty much the bible for researching grips and parts. The price of the catalog ($5 I think) is refundable in your first purchase.

Hope this helps.
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