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I was "surfin" the net about a year ago and I came across a "Smiths" site, where amongst his other specialties, he did combat upgrade work on Kimbers. I was particularly interested in his work with the Ultra. Such things as replacing most of the MIM parts etc.

Like the idiot that I am I didn't put this site in my favorites. Does anyone know a good Smith that does this kind of work on Kimbers?

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I'm guessing that you probably had seen Brian Bilby's ACP (Advanced Combat Pistols) site. Brian did offer a couple flavors of Kimber upgrades and his disdain of MIM'd parts was well known.

Sadly, Brian passed away late last year. His work lives on, in the hands of those who have guns he worked on, but Brian is gone...and missed.

There are dozens of 'smiths who could tune up your Kimber however. Among those who I could recommend (in no particular order)...

Richard Heinie www.heinie.com
Dane Burns www.burnscustom.com
Kurt Wickmann www.kwgw.com
George Smith www.egw-guns.com
Joe Bonar (Novak's) www.novaksights.com
Don Williams www.theactionworks.com
Chuck Rogers www.sundog-shooters.com/rogers.html
Steve Morrison (Mad Dog Labs...not sure of the URL)
Scott Mulkerin www.sdm-fabricating.com

This is far from a complete list, but these are all men who I would trust to do a superb job.


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