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Got a Charles Daly Field Hunter Maxi-Mag for Christmas.

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Love it so far, never owned a Charles Daly and have not had a chance to shoot it.Anybody have one or know someone who has?Were you/they satisfied?Wife said she got it used from a co-worker, shot one time yatta yatta.....
It does look brand new.Now i just gotta get a XX-Full Turkey Tube, Ported.
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Wow...great present hulkmag! and I'm sure you're going to get lots of use and enjoyment from it. We have a couple of customers at the shooting preserve who own Daly autos and they love them. From what I've seen they are as reliable as any of the high end shotguns that cost hundreds of dollars more. I think that you have one of the true bargains in the firearms world. Have a happy new year shooting your new gun! Gary
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