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1911 family that is. It now numbers 2 examples.
Ordered a Springfield Armory mdl. no. px9162, this is the stainless lw compact.
Have not had a chance to make it sing yet but will give a report soon.

Got it from www.gunfinder.com, they did everything they promised they would. I would use them again. Shipped it to my dealer and had it in my hands six days after placing my order.

Am well pleased with the looks, fit, finish, at this stage. It has some sharp edges but nothing a little tlc applied to won't take care of.

Must have a new set of grips though, the ones that came on it are purty but I would have never belived that wood could have edges that sharp!

I'll have more tomorrow after I have a chance to shoot it some. Untill then: JS

Front sight,align,press
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