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Wow, I gave it to him on Tuesday and it was done yesterday, I couldnt pick it up till today.

He put a Briley Spherical bushing (the oversized one to be fit) in and it is nice and tight

Now I await the range to revel in the accuracy gain compared to the stock bushing.

BTW- I was at a gunshop today at lunch and they had 2 1964 colt 5" 1911s NIB with brown plastic grips and all. One was in 38 super and the other was .45

The .45 was being sold at $950.00 I think and the .38 super with wooden box was at $1200.00.

Let me know if you guys are interested in them, I dont know if they are over priced but I can give you the address and phone number in E-mail.

[email protected]
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