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After having some problems with FTF and FTE, I sent it back to Kimber after 600 rounds were though it. While taking a couple days to hook up with UPS, it was back in my hands today. Thw packing list stated they had reamed the barrel chamber, replaced the extractor, polished the feed ramp, and adjusted the slide stop.

I took off work early, grabbed a box each of WWB, Remington UMC, S&B, and CCI Blazer (aluminum case), plus seven Corbon DPX 185's, and off to the range. First up were the WWB. On three out of the first five magazines, the slide stop caught before the mag was empty. I am not sure why they adjusted it as that was not something I complained about. No FTE or FTF.

Next up were the S&B. The slide stop caught early once on these also, and there was one FTF on the last round of the mag. It almost stovepiped a new round, and this was with the Kimber mag.

I should probably mention every time the slide stop caught early it was using the Kimber mags, as was the FTF. No issues using the Wilson Combat mags.

Next were a box of Remington UMC. This is the ammo it had the most problems with before I sent it in, so I was apprehensive. It fired and fed every one perfectly.

Next up as a mag of Corbon DPX 185's. Before I sent it in, it would not strip one of these off the mag by releasing the slide stop. It does now; I tried a few times. These were perfect, and darn accurate. Maybe I was shooting better knowing what they cost.

Last up was the aluminum case CCI Blazers. Perfect, but I did notice that these have the most flame of the five I shot.

So it improved from four failures every 100 rounds to one every 200.

After shooting Glocks exclusively for the past month, and being pissed at 1911's, I must admit I enjoyed shooting it. The trigger is friggin amazing compared to either Glock, and I sure can see those .45 holes better than 9mm holes in the paper.

Any idea on what is causing the slide stop to catch, and why it seemed to go away after I shot it some?
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