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Got to chuckle

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Being a small county, we do not have a jail.
We farm them out to 3 or 4 counties.

The other day, I got called in early to go get a prisoner for court.
After I took him back to jail, I stopped in the local gun shop on
the way home.

I was standing at the counter BSing with the owner, when an elderly
gentleman walks past me. He stops and backs up and looks at my new
springfield loaded. He says, well you dont work for the sheriff here.
I grin and point to my truck parked in front of window. It has graphics
all the way down the side for the sheriff's office.
He grins and says "Son, if your boss lets you carry that, you better hang on to him". :biglaugh:

And while I am pushing 45 years of age, I do agree with him.
I got a great boss.