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Griffon front sight problem

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Hello everyone. I have a Griffon 1911A1 and I enjoy the tritium sights that came stock on the gun. However, now two years down the road and a few thousand shots into the gun and the front sight has falled completely off 3 times within the past 2 months. I have brought it to a "good" smith to be posted back on but it obviously isn't working. Any suggestions would be great!
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Griffon is made in South Africa

I tried a search for the Griffon and it was made by the now defunct Continental Weapons Ltd in South Africa.

First Defense aparently sold these pistols in the US. Contact them at [email protected]

The local shooting magazine in South Africa is called Man/Magnum and I suggest you e-mail them to see if a local reader can point you to a front sight:

[email protected]

This is from http://www.saga.org.za/Green Pages.htm

There is other contact info on local gun clubs that may be able to help.

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That's a pretty common problem with staked sights on 1911's. Best bet would be to have your gunsmith dovetail the front sight. This will require cutting into the side and most likely refinishing but it will solve that problem.
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