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grip safety question

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I have a foster (caspian?) frame that i would like to build up for 3 gun tactical shooting. what would be the best and easiest to fit grip safety to put in? i dont want the speed bump or whatever its calledon the safety, just a smooth safety.
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Fitting grip safety to Foster frame

I have a Foster frame/slide set I got from Gary Smith when I met him at a gun show in Las Vegas in 2000. Some history: Calvert Foster opened a machine shop in Vermont (after retiring from the aircraft industry) and made handgun parts for Detonics, Randall, Mitchell and others. Our Foster frames originate from that era, distributed under the Foster Industries name. (There's actually a longer story Gary told me about some of those manufacturers not paying their debts to Foster, but I'll let him tell you the story some day.) Caspian is the outgrowth of Calvert Foster's desire to distribute high quality precision 1911 handgun parts to the custom gun industry.

I fitted two grip safeties to my Foster. The first was a cheap GI part, which I wrecked when I took lots of metal off the tang to get it to clear a thick part of the frame above the trigger bow. Then I bought a Wilson Drop-in and judiciously took some metal off the frame above the trigger bow before starting the final fitting on the grip safety's tang. It fits and works extremely well. Go ahead and do a product search on several manufacturers, but Wilson worked well on my Foster. Make it a point to understand the geometry of the firing mechanism before you alter anything so you don't ruin the parts.
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