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grip tape ?

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does anyone use it on a gun ? how does it hold up ? stay on ?
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do you guys keep the gun oiled where the tape is at ? i'm thinking that the oil would get under it and loosen it up ?

i too have used the 1" stair tape, i couldn't find any skateboard tape, i only looked at walmart so far.

this is the m/s/h with it on there. works very well. i put a piece over the serations on the front also, and thats the part i am wondering about as far as it falling off from the oil.

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ACP said:
Yeah, just put a 2" strip on my Colt XSE, much to my gunsmith's despair ("Hey, next time you come in, let's talk about checkering that frontstrap!") It's stair tread tape from Home Depot. It's a little rough, maybe skateboard tape would be smoother. I like it. Good for frontstraps, pump shotgun forends, and (dare I say it?) maybe even an M1A forend?!?:rolleyes:
yeah, he said that because he saw some business not coming his way :rolleyes: , his interest at mind, not yours :mad:

if i got FREE checkering this stuff would still be on my gun. if checkering gets damaged i would hate to see the repair bill :eek:
this stuff is : inexpensive, feels good, looks good, inexpensive, easy to repair, easy to change. great stuff. i'm going to get some more.
Dvcer said:
You can also take a dremel to your para grips, smoothing out the checkering and covering that area with skate tape.
that would look cool. but a lot of work. maybe i'll get an extra set and try it. i find that nearly all my grip loading is on the front strap and m/h, not the panels.
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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