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grip tape ?

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does anyone use it on a gun ? how does it hold up ? stay on ?
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It is not sexy, but I think grip tape is absolutely functional, does look good on stainless guns especially with black features such as grips or sights, and does not look bad on black guns at all.

Although I have not looked since my three purchases of grip tape, I understand there are actually variations in courseness. It isn't 20 versus 30 lpi, but at least there may be some variation to help keep people happy.

For the price, nothing is better. Plus, you can add, remove, or change the grip pattern for literally pennies per application. Personally, since I am not into how great my guns look, I would not actually pay to add checkering to another gun that didn't come with checkering anything. I think checkering looks better, but checkering can look crappy if damaged or poorly done.

If the tape is put on a clean surface, I have not had a problem with oil affecting adhesiveness. I never let break cleaner, Gun Scrubber, or anything other than Hoppes and various oils contact the tape, so some may be bad, I just don't know which ones.

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