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Just an observation from selling a custom BHP to one of my customers.

The shooter is a long term 1911 shooter and had been shooting them for years. We both have been shooting the steel plates in my back yard for about two years now. He help dig the burm we shoot against for me in a trade.

He just purchased a full house custom 9mm BHP from one of my stock guns.

With premium ammo he had zero FTF's out of about 200 rounds. Never an issue and this was the first ammo out of the gun.

With the target grade such as Magtech, Winchester white box, American Eagle we had about 25 FTF's and the frustration factor was high. The purchaser had the problem.

At first we thought it was a tight gun. Nope. We then thought it was break in. Nope, We tried different magazines. Nope. We changed the recoil spring to standard weight (I have a preference for the heavier springs in my BHP's as I keep the plus p for house load and prefer the NATO velocity stuff for practice). Nope.

Then I noticed his hand hold. He was not holding the gun as tight or as firmly as the 1911 he shot regular. I guess he, the shooter, automatically compensated for the heavier recoil of the .45.

i.e. the shooter with this gun was sensitive to shorter recoil stroke when using target grade ammo's with hand hold that just was not firm. A firm hand and the rest of the case went down range in all mags, upside down and in slow, rapid, mixed ammo, and just spray and pray without a hickup.

We burned up about 500 rounds out of the gun in a three hour range session. I shot the rest of his ammo out of my gun. :D

So the moral of the story. If there is an issue it is not always the equipment with the issue.
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