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I have a kimber 1911, who is currently sporting a pair of houge rubber wrap arounds.

i am planning to get a better mag well (currently using a wilson slip on)

when i get one i plan to get another set of grips, what do you other single stack competitors use on your comp guns for good grips. i have a set of "the burner" grips on my beretta and like them a lot, but they are $50 and catch and snag on everything! and i want to use my 45 for carry too.

thanks for all replys.
DVC-Carpe Diem
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Just get some cheap plastic grips and stick some skateboard tape on them. Glue the edges down with super glue and go to town.

Or, send me a set of plastic grips and I can texture them for you. Not as snaggy as Burner Grips.

AF Shooting Team
Actually, I like the rubber grips that came on my Kimber. Added some grip tape to the front strap. Works for me.

Put some cheap plastic grips on and buy some get AGrip and put it over the plastic grips. www.brookstactical.com

Have fun & Shoot Straight
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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