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Originally posted by Baer1911:
Would that be 50 feet or 50 yards?


If it's 50 yards I'll have to call you on that one.

*please do. I agree with you. please call anyone on anything that seems to be untrue.

There isn't a semi-auto pistol made, nor could one be made that is that accurate. Your talking a six shot group size that is 0.174 larger then the bullet.

* not exactly

Out of a ransom rest, the world's best Bullseye pistolsmiths can only get 1 1/2 to 2 inch groups at 50 yards, and that's rare.

*agreed, there are guns made by the brand in your post name that guarnt. 1 1/2 and you have to pay extra.

Out of a barrel fixture .45acp rounds can only get around 1 inch groups at 50 yards.

* I agree that sounds like a limiting factor.

The gun is an unusual gun.
before we built it we spent some time prepping. Doug purchased a barrel fixture. We had a gun that was shooting 1 1/2 at 50 and wanted to pull the barrel out and replace it.
I said you know how many people would love to shoot 1 1/2? He didn't listen.

Than we were working on guns for the team Challenge and Tubbs had us fit a couple super barrels (cal not brand
) and he was testing with an 8 power scope. (the barrels are supose to be the "Best" what ever that means) well Tubbs said the scope had 1/2" of parallex at 50 yds and the guns shot 1 1/2 10 shot groups with this one load. BUT he asked this great question. Who says 1 1/2 is good?

so back to the fixture, Koenigs one match bianchi gun shoots 8 shots into 3/4 and two flyers out to 1 1/4 or 1 3/8. we weld up the barrel in every concievable place, and a couple trick ones and that is all we can get.
the Kool part was put the barrel in a test fixture and the barrel shoots 8 shots into 3/4 an 2 open it up to 1 1/4 so we were finding the limit.

So we short chamber some barrels, got some Ideas from Tubbs about what they are doing with rifle reamers and throats and diameters.
Ground the throats off some reamers and cut some new ones.

with 115 hollow points and the tight chamber and tighter shorter throat the best barrel shot 1/2" at 55 yds. (doug was using wind flags and keeping track of all he could think of) the next group from the same barrel was 1 1/4. the barrel we used in the gun shot 3/4"
ten shot groups at 55 yds. these are bianchi velocity loads which would be similar to bulleseys power loads. He is doing the Break in one shot clean one shot clean routine and all preppign the barrels for this.

The gun shoots under 3/4 at 50 yds getting ready for the cup on a consistant basis.
it is jacketed ammo 38 super case. we even had a 1/2" group size change just changing the primer brand.

lastly the gun is pretty unusual. The hand made bushing is mounted inside the shroud that the scope bolts on. the hood width and length are within .0002 and as the hood length loosens up to .002 the accuracy falls off to 1 1/2"

Now wonder if someone wants to build one for bulleseye?
geo ><>

Ps I have been told by several reliable people that a 45 will shoot like you say. 1" is it. even in a rifle. The really scary part is the groups we are getting are with flyers.
sometimes 6 shots are unreal. and the flyers take it out to 3/4 or 1" probably if someone was Really Really board, they would make some bench rest bullets and that would get interesting. "so how is your moa pistol shooting"
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