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1. Yes, all 1911 parts should interchange.
2.I don't know what you are referring to as a "normal" 1911, but I personally like the idea the Sig uses no MIM, so yes, because of that I would say it is "better".
3. Abso freaking lutely.
4 You'll have to answer this one. How well do you like your 226, do you have other guns, have you had a 1911 before are all questions to consider.
5. Yes, list is $1049. I paid $899 for mine and it seems like the $900 to 950 range is what these are running for with a little searching.
6. You always lose money on any trade (trust me, I know this well). Without knowing what options are on you 226 or it's condition, I would guess it could cost you as much as $500 with you Sig, but that is a wild guess.
7. Yes, going by my example, the quality is as good as any Sig, or any other non custom gun for that matter, that I've ever seen.
8. Yes, any 1911 mag wil fit. I too hate the style of a Npvak mag, and am using Wilson 47ds and McCormick Powermags with mine.
9. I owned one of the earlier "rail" models and did have several issues with it. But after looking at this Revolution, it took me less than two minutes to make a trade. For the features and the quality, I truly believe you would have to go to a full custom like Nighthawk or Baer to find a better 1911 than this.

Good luck.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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