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Guide rod question

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I have a question I hope someone here can help me with. I'm thinking of buying a Para from a guy I know from the range. I know he's tricked it out some since, while the frame is a P12 it's chambered to 40S&W. Also, while it's not a limited series it has the high beaver tail and, the reason for this post, a full length guide rod.
I've put about 200 rounds through it and love the way it shoots but after shooting three or four mags (10 rnd) the guide rod has worked itself out about 1/4 inch and needs to be snugged back up.
What's anybody think; is this a deal breaker? I think I can get it for a good price but not if I'm just buying somebody elses headache.
Any input greatly appreciated.
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Not a deal breaker at all. Sounds like someone forgot to put some loctite on the guide rod threads when they assembled it. All you need to do is either snug it up with a hex-wrench if it's one of those types, or disassemble it, put some loctite on it, tighten it up, and assemble it. Also, the Para 14.40 is built on a P12 frame. Maybe the guy you got it from did convert it himself, but there was no need to.

Really interesting....Don't ya think??

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Thank you Newton,
Thought that might be the case but figured I'd best check with folks that know (I know, I know; the questions these newbees ask).
Looks like I'm getting a Para. Better bookmark this site.
Thanks again
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