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I have a question for ya'll.

Earlier this month I purchased a Ruger Special Edition P89, and am lovin' it (except for the trigger pull, which I guess I'll get used to). The first 50 rounds when with no problems and no noticable wear. After shooting 50 more today, I noticed the following...

On the rear of the guide rod, where it meets the chamber, I noticed some "pitting like" indentions, I assume from rubbing on the outside of the "chamber" upon the cycling of the action. Is this something I should be concerned about (was the aluminum <or stainless or whatever it is> not tempered correctly??), or is this normal wear?

There are only a few, small pin prick size marks towards the lower portion where it contacts the chamber. I'm sure a lil light sandpaper followed by buffing with my dremel would fix it, if it's only "normal wear".

I use STOS lube there (and elsewhere), and made sure to add a lil extra this time. The rest of the gun is very lightly oiled with Rem Oil and bore cleaned with Rem's Bore Cleaner.

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