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guild rod loosening

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When I shoot my para p-12 the guild rod starts backing off has anyone had this happen what do I got to do to get it not to back off Should I really torque it down hard with that allen wrench?
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Maybe Loc tite the two pieces togather.Thats all I can think of besides getting a Wilson Combat guide rod.
Para-man is on the right track...although even Lok-Tite does not always do the trick. I'd be looking for a one piece rod.
I use good centerless ground two piece guide rods and I do not have problems with them coming loose. If you are going to use loctite on your guide rod I recommend the blue it should hold better then green loctite and will be much easier to take the rod apart then when using the red loctite.
I tighten my rods firmly and when doing this make sure the gun is fully assembled as you do not want to turn the recoil shield upside down they are a real pain to flip back over.
Also make sure the recoil shield has the proper bevel on the back side I find a lot rods have been installed in guns with out this being done.
Regards, Bob Hunter www.huntercustoms.com
I am pretty firm when I put my P-12's FLGR back in and have never had it to back out on me. I would give the blue loctite a try and see if that helps.
so you can torque it down?
Torque away!!!

14 is better than 8

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