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Gun Case Wanted

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I'm looking for the fewest gun cases possible to haul 4 pistols and 3 rifles. My idea now is to buy 2 aluminum double rifle cases, 53" or longer, to haul this. I need the 53" for my muzzzleloader. Any ideas on what cases would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Check out the Pelican cases at


Click on the double pelican logo top left.

Pelican cases are great (I have several), and the prices on this site are the cheapest I have seen anywhere (except Botach during a "sale" awhile back, and some people have experienced very bad service at Botach apparently). Also, Cases4less shipping is VERY fast.

Just make sure you note the INTERNAL case measurements, and allow sufficient foam space to buffer your items.
Look at Starlite...

Down in Texas...

Run a search, you'll find it.
I have one of their big boy rifle cases....
Nothing stronger anywhere! Air tight...you can burp them like tupperware.

Buy direct...you can get a deal by saying you were referred by someone over at the airgun forum, who quoted you a 25% discount.

Good stuff.


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From what I can find, those are both plastic. I have broken several gun cases travelling due to the plastic getting cold. Going to MT! Anyways, I want Aluminum. I'm looking at Target Zone and Winchester gun cases. Any opinions? Also where can I find more info on Winchester gun cases online?

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Pelican cases are made from a resin actually, and I would be very surprized if they would break. They have a lifetime guarantee.

Call them and ask them what the low-temp specs are:

[email protected]

1-800-473-5422 (outside CA) or 310-326-4700 (inside CA)

Like the Starlite, Pelicans are airtight, watertight, and have a pressure relief valve for trips to high altitudes (like the unpressurized cargo hold of a plane).

Incidently, if you are planning on going out in extremely low temperatures; aluminum will become brittle too - and may shatter like glass if it is dropped on a hard surface.

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For aluminum gun cases, try Americase http://www.americase.com/

These seem quite popular with the African hunting crowd.

Good luck!

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[email protected]
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Mr. Kanaly,
Thosee look like good cases. Who sells them? I hope it is possible to get a bit od a deal on them.

Also, any thoughts on Winchester Cases?

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