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Gun Permit holder shoots Police Lt....

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This seemed like the best section to post this.... I hate to be the bearer of bad news...

Seems here in NY a Gun Permit holder shot a police lieutenant. 10NBC news just had a news brief on it early in the evening news.

According to the evening news, the suspect should've been denied a permit, though they have yet to determine exactly where the break down in the process happened. It seems the suspect shouldn't have had a permit, because of a felony conviction in the past along with treatment in a mental facility.

The individual was attempting to fill a fradulent prescription at a pharmacy, and the officer was shot in a shoot out with the individual.

It is sad that this happened. It is individuals such as this that cause gun owners to get a bad rap, especially with the "folks still on the fence" concerning gun control.

To add salt to the wound, the news then went into a update on the shooting in Indiana. Sure adds a lot of confidence to the general public concerning responsible gun ownership!

It would be refreshing to have the media once in awhile show gun ownership in a responsible manner, to help reinforce the public's confidence in us. But of course, that's a pipe dream.

If ya wanna read the brief info on the story from their web page, here is the addy,
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Originally posted by Gargoyle:
Melin, your title mimics that of the ill-informed, alarmist media tactics. In my world that is not a permit holder who shot a cop, it's a criminal who shot a cop who illegally obtained a permit.

The problem is, right or wrong, the BG was a permit holder. That is a problem because that is all the media will build their story upon... "A permit holder, today, shot..." And they will not be lying when they say "a permit holder". He had a permit.

Now it would be different if they said "The holder of a permit, gained illegally, today shot..." What's the chance of that?

But the fact is, through somebody's screw up, he was, in fact, a 'permit holder'.

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