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Gun Permit holder shoots Police Lt....

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This seemed like the best section to post this.... I hate to be the bearer of bad news...

Seems here in NY a Gun Permit holder shot a police lieutenant. 10NBC news just had a news brief on it early in the evening news.

According to the evening news, the suspect should've been denied a permit, though they have yet to determine exactly where the break down in the process happened. It seems the suspect shouldn't have had a permit, because of a felony conviction in the past along with treatment in a mental facility.

The individual was attempting to fill a fradulent prescription at a pharmacy, and the officer was shot in a shoot out with the individual.

It is sad that this happened. It is individuals such as this that cause gun owners to get a bad rap, especially with the "folks still on the fence" concerning gun control.

To add salt to the wound, the news then went into a update on the shooting in Indiana. Sure adds a lot of confidence to the general public concerning responsible gun ownership!

It would be refreshing to have the media once in awhile show gun ownership in a responsible manner, to help reinforce the public's confidence in us. But of course, that's a pipe dream.

If ya wanna read the brief info on the story from their web page, here is the addy,
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Oh, I agree with you. The catch in my opinion is the general public is not very educated regarding gun violence, etc.

WE know this is a rare instance. Out of the "69,898 licenses were amended in '98 only 3,055 were canceled or revoked" (NY State Police web page).

The general public on the other hand, thanks to mis-information (and gun-control advocates) are a bird of a different feather.

I can't count on one hand the number of times friends/family who know I am addicted (yes I'll admit it
) to guns and often carry - will respond with rhetoric on how it's dangerous and inviting "disaster".

The public will take one instance and blow it up 10 fold.

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Originally posted by TCPilot:
Sadly, Indiana or NY, it puts ALL The responsible gun owners in a bad light.

Remember, the sheep will think, no matter what, that if guns were illegal, NONE of this would happen.

I fly. That's roughly as dangerous as riding a motorcycle...which I don't do (!). Doesn't matter. Most people are so weak, the evening news is scripture. We (responsible gun owners) get penalized no matter what the truth may be.

(rant mode off)


Couldn't have said it better myself. That's all I meant. I too see it as only a fault in the system, which obviously had negative effects. The general public, though, as well all know, tends to see things of this nature differently.

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Originally posted by Gargoyle:
Melin, your title mimics that of the ill-informed, alarmist media tactics. In my world that is not a permit holder who shot a cop, it's a criminal who shot a cop who illegally obtained a permit.

I agree that it a criminal who illegally obtained a permit. My post was not intended to "mimic the ill-informed alarmist media tactics", just to inform folks of this recent event, and it was the most concise "title" I could come up with pending the facts I had/have available. I, as I'm sure most will agree, can easily see how the general public and especially those opposed to "us" having CCW's can and will use this against us. Would it make a difference if the individual hadn't had a permit (and thus possessing his firearm illegally)? In the end.... not really, his unfortunate actions would've been the same. But as far as "our justification" that 99.999999% of CCW's holders are law abiding citizens, those who don't support our RIGHTS will use the .000001% that aren't, against us (which is my greatest concern). There was an obvious flaw in the system. The system itself is not sensible (if you examine the methods different states have for obtaining a permit). Some states you can walk in and basically walk out with a permit, for a little cash, where in others (such as here in NY) it can be a momentous task.
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