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Gun Permit holder shoots Police Lt....

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This seemed like the best section to post this.... I hate to be the bearer of bad news...

Seems here in NY a Gun Permit holder shot a police lieutenant. 10NBC news just had a news brief on it early in the evening news.

According to the evening news, the suspect should've been denied a permit, though they have yet to determine exactly where the break down in the process happened. It seems the suspect shouldn't have had a permit, because of a felony conviction in the past along with treatment in a mental facility.

The individual was attempting to fill a fradulent prescription at a pharmacy, and the officer was shot in a shoot out with the individual.

It is sad that this happened. It is individuals such as this that cause gun owners to get a bad rap, especially with the "folks still on the fence" concerning gun control.

To add salt to the wound, the news then went into a update on the shooting in Indiana. Sure adds a lot of confidence to the general public concerning responsible gun ownership!

It would be refreshing to have the media once in awhile show gun ownership in a responsible manner, to help reinforce the public's confidence in us. But of course, that's a pipe dream.

If ya wanna read the brief info on the story from their web page, here is the addy,
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Sadly, Indiana or NY, it puts ALL The responsible gun owners in a bad light.

Remember, the sheep will think, no matter what, that if guns were illegal, NONE of this would happen.

I fly. That's roughly as dangerous as riding a motorcycle...which I don't do (!). Doesn't matter. Most people are so weak, the evening news is scripture. We (responsible gun owners) get penalized no matter what the truth may be.

(rant mode off)


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