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Has anyone used the aerosal version of GunKote that Brownell's is now offering? I'm thinking of putting a cheap finish on my 1911 and was considering this.

Also, what is involved in prepping your pistol for a finish like this. Thanks.
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20 years ago I used Guncoat on a stainless mini 14 and a shotgun.Sure did stink up the house.Follow instructions on the can.It looked nice but scratched easily.Maybe they have improved it since?tom.

Detail strip it to the parts you're gonna coat: Frame & slide. Scrub your hands real good to get most of the normal skin oils off & degrease the parts. I used break cleaner - 1/4 the $$$ of 'Gunscrubber.

Handled 'em with paper towels afterwards to avoid getting any fingerprints, etc. on the parts. Warmed 'em to about 100-120 degrees in the oven, sprayed & baked as per the instructions. Here's the results:



Took it to the range Sunday & fired a couple hundred rounds. Got a little wear at the top of the trigger housing where my left thumb bears (sorry, no pics yet), but overall, it still looks fine.

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I used the Brownells bake-on on my LW Commander. First I used their parkerizing to treat the slide, then coated the slide with the bake-on.
Ten years and four trips to Gunsite later, the front of the slide is worn to steel on the edges, and just the edges. Otherwise, daily carry didn't have any effect.
A customer has asked me to use GunKote on a project-- I will report when it's done. I would not agree to it except that it will be Parkerized first, and I'll apply the GK fresh out of the tank. I don't put too much stock in the high-zoot polymer finishes in general, but pretty much anything that goes onto fresh Parkerizing is going to stay a while.

Nice to find you here, Patrick! I don't know how it took me so long to realize you had joined, but welcome. For those of you who don't know of Patrick Sweeney, he has, what is it now, 4-5 books out, and regularly contirbutes to a variety of firearms-oriented publications. He is a top-end competitor in action shooting of all types. He makes his living working on guns, and writing about them, with, from what I've seen, a 0% BS factor.

Anyhoo-- IMO he'll be an asset to this bunch.
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0% BS factor??? How's he gonna fit in with the rest of us?

Regards and welcome.
I plan on using Gun Kote or the like to refinish a S&A magwell I'm beveling the edges on (ala American Handgunner cover pistol by Larry Vickers this month).

Anyone have a URL for suppliers for this, or other quality coatings for the flat black finish?

I order straight from KG Products. They have flat, gloss and semi-gloss black plus lots of other colors.

A pint goes for $24 and I'm on my fourth handgun and one shotgun from one pint. I use an airbrush, not the aerosol.
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