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Hey Guys,
I am attending Gunsite's Intermediate Defensive Pistol (#350) course next week. I took the Basic Defensive Pistol Course last November so I have a good idea concerning the basics as far as gear. Do I need anything special for the next level #350 course that I didn't have with me during the #250?

Here's what I am packing so far...

Pistol (1911 of course)
6 Mags
Double Mag Carrier
Gun Belt
Ear Protection
Eye Protection (shaded, clear, and amber)
Mag Loader
Ammo (waiting for me at Gunsite)
Tactical Flashlight
Spare 123A batteries (for flashlight)
Athletic Tape (to prevent grip checkering abbrasions)
Pistol Cleaning Kit (cleaners, lube, bushing wrench)
Notebook and Pens (for lectures)
Range Bag

What else do I need?

- Pete45

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That looks about right to me...

Spare pistol may be a good idea (for parts if it's a clone or as a back-up incase your primary dies on you and you don't want to wait for it to be fixed)

Bring a wide variety of layered cloths. You might get an all-season experience - I was there a couple months back and swear it went from desert hot to cold, from sun to rain all durring a week.

Have fun!

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More magazines and another double mag carrier or two-three single mag pouches. Wear 'em all. Make sure your pants have sturdily-sewn cargo pockets. Dump a box of ammo loose in one pocket, your dropped magazines in the other when told to "pick up anything you may have dropped". Load/top off magazines while you're listening to the instructor or between relays.
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