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Gunsmith BOB CHOW of S.F ?

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Would love any info out there on gunsmith Bob Chow. Was supposed to be "the man" in SF around 60's and 70's. Any word appreciated.
Thanks, CB
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I've got a M1911 done by F. Bob Chow that has his 1967 date stamp inside the slide. He did a lot of internal polishing that you generelly don't see done today.

I heard he is over 90 years old and retired.
he was recently interviewed in "shooting sports" mag. my parts gun has a chow barrel. he is pretty sharp
Nice to know he's still around. When I visited him in the 1970s, his storefront had so many trophies, there wasn't room for anything else.

There were more inside the shop.
Does anyone have any idea on what he's up these days?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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