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Gunsmith in Dallas/Ft worth?

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Looking for a good 1911 smith in the DFW area. Would appreciate any input.
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I agree with QB. Be warned on obtaining services with Larry/SPS Guns. A friend of mine bought a MSH and had it installed. Initial charge was less than 100 bucks. After the part was installed, the hammer follows the slide upon manual cycling therefore the pistol will go full auto if fired. Larry was blaming that somebody tampered with the pistol and seems like a trigger job was done. Pistol was NIB with only 250 rnds through it and never had any modifications. Larry stated he will need to replace the trigger, sear and disconnector, so it is now getting expensive. I advised my friend to just pick it up as is, pay him and mentioned that he will just have a gunsmith friend look at it. The story changed after that; Larry was able to fix it without replacing any parts but he was charged more or less $160.00.
Just need to get that out of my chest. Thanks.
My recommendation too is Mr Ken Crawley, Kemp, TX (903)-498-5702.

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