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Gunsmith in Dallas/Ft worth?

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Looking for a good 1911 smith in the DFW area. Would appreciate any input.
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Why don't you give Ken Crawley a call. He lives in Kemp (down by Cedar Creek Lake), but occasionally you see him at some of the gunshows in Dallas and Fort Worth selling parts. I haven't had any work done by him yet, but plan to soon. I met him a few weeks ago in Fort Worth. Nice guy and the work I saw from some of his satisfied customers was beautiful. Reasonable prices too, compared to others I've seen.

He also did a gun for Wiley Clapp a while back that was recently featured in one of the Peterson magazines, Handguns perhaps? I'll go find it and let you know which one. He said the gun he did for the article was probably one of a kind, probably about $4500.00 worth of work by his guesstimate... but it was interesting to look at.

I had posted a question here about doing a beavertail myself earlier, but it looks like it might be more than I can chew at this point and I'll probably talk to him about having it done along with a few other things (sooner or later - funds permitting probably after Christmas). If so I'd be happy to fill you in on how things go.

I know I haven't had any work done by him yet so I'm only recommending him on the work others have shown me... but at this point I'm impressed with him. Give him a call to see if he's what you're looking for. 903-498-5702.

Hope this helps
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I forgot about Brandt. I shoot at Winchester all the time and he pushed the sights on my 1911 over a might some time back. Seemed like a really nice guy but very busy. I haven't seen any of his work yet though.
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