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Hi All:

I've recently become obsessed with the 1911, and I'm wondering if anyone knows of a smith in southern New Hampshire. I would really love to find someone that would let me watch while they work, answer my questions, and let me take an active part in the customization of my pistols.

Do gunsmiths out there ever do this? I've seen some shops that do "clinics" for a small chunk of change, but I'm not experienced enough to even consider a class like this.

Much thanks for any info.

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Sorry to be giving a negative report, but I'm originally from your neck of the woods, and I've never really found anyone who fits the bill where 1911s are concerned. Of course, I'm rather particular about who I let get near my .45s with a dremel and file, so I may be overlooking someone.

If anybody should have an answer for you, it would probably be one of the boys at Riley's in Hooksett. ( http://www.rileysguns.com)

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