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HI All
You can do a ton to the HP.
Like the one guy said bigger thumb safety
and if you go with the wide C&S trigger
you loose the mag safety. ( makes for a much
nicer trigger job)
C&S hammer, They and We (EGW) make a sear
that is much harder than stock.
If your ser # is not on the front strap
you can do a checkerd insert, If it is you can stipple around it, Weld on mag
well. Make a beavertail from scratch,
fixed or Bomar or MMC rear sight.
fiber optic or dovetail front sight.
Ambi safety if a south paw, serrate rear
of slide. Loose the bump on the feed ramp
polish the bolt face, make sure it has
extractor tension, polish the always rough
track the top round in the mag rides in.
grips, You get the idea.
first shoot it and see what you like and
don't. than go from there.
good luck
geo ><>

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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