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ALL of those bullet holes are "DRT"-probable, if they land in center mass.
MY HD and EDC load does not use V-Crowns, but I would expect them to work perfectly well, if appropriately directed and pushed fast enough.

I've been using the SAECO #58 215 gr. SWC-PC, over 7.0/Unique. The chronograph gave me 912 + 26 f/s, which is close to the old Jeff Cooper load. There's room to go faster, but this load is accurate, controllable, and does not depend on expansion for its fight-stopping effect (in truth, I guess no .45 ACP round DOES).
I guess one of the nicer things about the .45 ACP is that, if a round is powerful enough to reliably operate the slide, it's powerful enough PLUS some, for "social work".
Your pistol is gorgeous.
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