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Had a BLAST!

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Well, sports fans I did it shot my 1st IPSC competion in a long time last Sunday, (15.5yrs). While things have changed some, more targets, different guns and larger magazines. Most is still the same, especially the adrenalin rush. While, I started slow each stage the cobwebs started to clear out and I was feeling better at the end. Now, I just need to retire my old 7 round mags and get in the grove with the 10 rd generation.

Keep'em in the engine room for ... short blood trails 2 legs or 4
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Glad you had a good time, I bought some Chip Mc, shooting start 10 round mags, I'm having feed problems with them, I do have some Metal Form 10 rounders that work perfectly though, I shoot limited in three gun, I never shot ipsc pitol before but looking forward to the experience
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