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Hammer drop

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Hey all,
I have a SA Mil-Spec and when the hammer is at the "half cock" it will still drop when the trigger is pulled. My 2001 Stainless Full Size didn't do it, nor did my kimber, and sure as heck, my Wilson CQB doesn't do it. From What I've read (and experienced in other models), it shouldn't drop, but does. What gives?
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Without looking, I'd guess that either it has a Series 80 style half cock shelf instead of a pre 80 notch or the notch is too narrow for the sear nose to enter. Also, the back side of the sear may not be relieved enough to let the sear lay back into the hammer face.
Is it something that needs to be repaired? And it is not an 80 series.

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It should be taken care of. It sounds like you have a shallow "half cock" notch on the hammer.

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Originally posted by TimH70:
Is it something that needs to be repaired? And it is not an 80 series.
We understand the Springfield is not a Series 80, but does the Hammer have a Captive Half-Cock notch, or is it the Series 80 variety, where the Half-Cock notch is just a shelf, similar to, but deeper in size to the Hammer hook.

The Captive notch actually lets the Sear nose fall into a slot.

It does sound like a shallow notch... No Captive Notch.
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