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Hammer Dropped ?

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In anticipation of receiving my first Hi-Power in the next couple of weeks, I went to Browning's website and downloaded the instruction manual. There are a couple of things that I found to be odd. I do own a 1911, by the way, so I'm familiar with single action operation. First, they state that a dropped hammer is the "recommended carrying position of the pistol whether there is a round in the chamber or not". They then state "Do not carry a round in the chamber".
OK, that's just a little conflicting.

They also give the process for lowering the hammer "safely". They never mention "cocked and locked" for carry. So why is this exactly the opposite of what's recommended for the 1911?

They also say to leave the slide back while the gun is being stored. Wouldn't this create undue stress on the recoil spring?

Thanks for your replies,

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