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Hammer/Recoil Springs

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I have a new Kimber Custom. The trigger is fairly crisp, but it breaks around 5.5 lbs. I would like to lighten this to approx. 4 lbs. I'd prefer to not mess with my sear spring (due to my ignorance), so I was thinking of putting in a lighter hammer spring.

From reading prior posts, I think my gun has a 23lb hammer spring, and a 16lb recoil spring. I've read that if you lower the hammer spring, you need to increase the weight of the recoil spring.

I will probably try a 19lb hammer spring. What weight recoil springs do you recommend? Would a 17lb hammer spring be more likely to provide the results I want? If so, what recoil spring do you recommend for it? If it helps, I shoot 230 gr. hardball almost exclusively.

Your suggestions would be a great help. Thanks.
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Try an 18 1/2 recoil spring. If it locks your slide back on the last round, it's the right one. The 17 main spring will probably reduce your trigger pull to around 4 1/2, maybe only five, but at least it'll help a bit. If it was my gun, I'd probably try a 20 pound recoil spring first, to see if it locked the slide back and if so, that's it. If you have any friends who know much about the 1911, I'd much rather you have him show you how to tweak that leaf spring and keep the 23 pound mainspring with the hardball loads. In that case, the 18 1/2 would probably be just right. By that I mean it would be better balanced for recoil.
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